OUR TECHNOLOGY – Masked by Models


So Magnetic...
A Models Secret to Ageless Skin

Our magnetic technology has been developed by Korean scientists and combined with our exclusive Dead Sea Mud ‘Black Lustre’ and 24K Gold ‘Golden Alchemy’ formulas to create the ultimate at home facial treatments.

Dead Sea mud draws out pollutants, absorbs dirt and unwanted oils, removes dead skin cells and cleanses clogged pores. When combined with our Magnetic Wand, these contaminants are lifted up and out of the skin leaving behind a layer of superior hydration containing nourishing active ingredients. Immediately after, you will experience visibly clearer skin, reduced redness, increased hydration and a revitalised look and feel.

When it comes to typical face masks, active ingredients only remain on the skin for however long you keep the mask on. As soon as the mask is removed all of the nutrients end up on your face cloth or down the shower drain. The beauty of our magnetic masks is that only the contaminants are removed whilst the nourishing ingredients remain on the skin well past the initial treatment, until they are completely absorbed.

Mess free and no harsh, damaging scrubbing required. Let the magnet do all of the work for you!

Black Lustre vs Golden Alchemy...
What's the difference?

Both masks contain the same high quality, all natural ingredients and are suitable for every skin type. The main difference between the two products is that our Golden Alchemy formula contains an extra ingredient… real 24K Gold!

Upon removal of the mask, Black Lustre leaves a visible but clear layer of hydration on the skin whilst Golden Alchemy leaves behind a layer of golden glow. Massage this golden layer into your skin and apply make up over the top for an extra glow before a night out. Or simply leave the gold on the skin to be absorbed overnight.