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Hi there!
Thanks for stopping by our website. I’m Jess, the founder and CEO of Masked by Models. I would love to share with you the story behind the development of my brand.

I myself am a curve model who has been working in the modelling industry for over 6 years. As a model, it is extremely important to look after your skin and to always have a healthy youthful glow.

Models skin goes through absolute torture. We are in and out of different makeup looks multiple times a day, have copious amounts of goodness knows what type of products applied to our skin and numerous different people touching our face daily- the ultimate breeding ground for bacteria!

I quickly learned that I needed to up my skin care game in order to protect and conserve my skin for as long as possible. I started picking up tips, tricks and product recommendations from makeup artists, other models and industry professionals all around the world and was consistently introduced to face masks and serums. The problem was, I have extremely sensitive skin and really struggled to find that perfect mask. Majority of the time, masks would cause discomfort leaving my face stinging, burning or they would even cause a rash. I tried everything! From clay masks that dried so hard my face felt like it was cracking to turmeric masks that left my porcelain white skin stained for 3 days. I then started training with an amazing gentleman Ricardo Riskalla who works with models and celebrities all over the world covering everything from exercise right down to skincare. He introduced me to an abundance of powerful natural ingredients that I could make my own face masks with. I soon discovered amazing results and at no point experienced any skin sensitivity.

Between his knowledge, my experimenting with various mask formulations and other techniques I have come across in the modelling industry, the idea of Masked by Models was born.

I then took these ideas to the next level by teaming up with skincare manufacturers, dermatologists and scientists however, with the beauty industry being an already over-saturated market I had a mile long list of goals in mind to create products that were
worthwhile producing.

After two tedious years of research and development, manufacturers telling me things I wanted weren’t possible (they were, I just had to find the right people to make them possible) and numerous trips to various countries over the world in search for the best technology and highest quality ingredients I finally produced a range of products that I can proudly say ticked all the boxes on my list.

I still have my original handwritten list from 2017. It reads as follows:

1. Top of the range, luxury products at an affordable, competitive price

2. Products that yield real, reliable results

3. Suitable for all skin types (in particular, the most sensitive of skin)

4. Suitable for all ages

5. High quality, all natural ingredients which are loved and used by models worldwide

6. No complicated systems or processes

7. Spa quality facials in your own home

8. Combine quality formulations with scientifically approved techniques

9. Fun, creative and simple to use

10. Products that look beautiful on the skin (I mean, who wouldn’t want to be covered in real 24k Gold- that’s boujee AF!)

11. Products that look beautiful off the skin (If I want to leave my products
out on the bathroom vanity they need to look pretty while sitting there i.e gorg packaging.)

12. A pink clay mask that DOESN’T dry hard and start cracking, stripping away not only the bad contaminants but also all the good nutrients.

13. Multi-use products.

a) Serum that can be used morning and nights, as a makeup primer, mixed with foundation for added glow, over the top of foundation for extra dewyness and used in conjunction with 24k gold sheets as a facial treatment.

b) Masks that can have makeup applied directly after use, gold magnetic mask to leave behind gold remnants which when massaged into skin creates a golden glowy base under make up or when left on skin acts as a sleep mask

14. Use of products to result in clients feeling confident, comfortable and empowered in their own skin 

WOW! I should probably stop typing now... This is so much longer than I expected. What can I say, I’m passionate about my brand and am excited to share it with the world! Thank you for taking the time to read this far. I know you will enjoy our products and can’t wait to see you using them.

Find me over on Instagram at @jessicaearle_model. Come and say hi and let’s chat about all things skincare! I’d love to hear from you

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