FAQS – Masked by Models



Do you ship internationally?

We sure do! International Shipping is charged at a flat rate of $19.95 AUD. Unless you are our neighbour over in NZ. You will get FREE on orders over $95 AUD. Standard Shipping is $9.95 AUD. Express Shipping is $14.95 AUD. See our Shipping Policy for more info.

What Payment Methods do you Accept?

We accept Mastercard, Visa, American express, Google Pay, Apple Pay, Afterpay and Paypal.

Are your ingredients natural?

Yes! We only use natural ingredients. No nasties! GMO Free, Paraben Free, Sulfate and Phosphate Free, Synthetic Fragrance Free and Synthetic Dye Free.

are your products vegan?

Our 24K Gold Flawless Glow Serum, Our 24K Gold Facial Treatment and our Rosehip Pink Clay Mask are 100% Vegan. 

Our two magnetic masks contain Beeswax and Pearl Powder. Whilst these ingredients are derived from animals, they are sustainably sourced. 

Check the ingredient list on each product to make sure it's right for you. 

Is this company Australian?

Yes! Masked by Models is Australian owned and operated. Our products are tested here in Australia and developed in conjunction with dermatologists and skincare scientists from Korea. 

Does Masked by Models test on animals?

Certainly not! We have only ever trialled our formulations on willing humans. 

My skin is really sensitive. Do you think your products will be okay to use?

The entire concept of Masked by Models was based around the fact that our founder struggled to find suitable products on the market that didn't agitate her sensitive skin. 

During our development stages, we tested our products on numerous people who classified as having sensitive skin. All of our trials resulted in 100% of participants reporting no issues in regards to sensitivity.

All of our products are dermatologically tested and hypoallergenic. 

can i use the products while pregnant?

How exciting for you! CONGRATULATIONS! 💕 Our products are safe for you to use. We have had amazing feedback from mothers who have used Masked by Models throughout the duration of their pregnancy and post pregnancy. 

We recommend consulting your doctor for your own peace of mind.

i'm a guy. Can i use these products?

We know our products look super boujee and may appear to be for women but trust us, they all work wonders on men too! Our male customers say their 'skin has never felt so good' and they 'can't believe this sh*t actually works'.  Besides, we know your girl would appreciate a little his and hers self care time with our products. Don't have a girl? You won't be able to keep them away after your Masked by Models glow up!

how many masks do i get out of a jar/kit?

You will get up to 12-15 uses out of our Rosehip Pink Clay Mask, 24K Gold 'Golden Alchemy' Magnetic Mask and Dead Sea Mud 'Black Lustre' Magnetic Mask. 

As for our 24K Gold Facial Treatment, this kit contains enough product for 4 treatments. 

How long do I leave the masks on for?

All masks should be left on the skin for a minimum of 15 minutes. There isn't really a maximum time limit.  We've been known to get distracted and leave them on for a lot longer. Just pop them on and do your thang! When you're ready, take them off :) Oh, but don't go sleeping in them or you'll end up with a big mess on your pillow.

How should I store my masked by models products?

All products should be stored somewhere out of the sun, dry, and away from humid places such as the shower. 

Be sure to close the lids tightly after use. 

For masks stored in jars, always keep the white plastic seal over the top of the mask to preserve freshness. 

As for the  24K Gold Facial Treatment, store the 24K Gold Pure Leaf Sheets in the sealed plastic cover and keep them flat in the box provided to avoid them from crumpling or breaking.  

How come my mask isn't drying?

Our magnetic masks are not designed to dry out on the skin. The mask remains moist throughout the entire treatment ensuring optimum hydration. The fact that the masks do not dry will not affect the removal process. As long as you have left the mask on the skin for a minimum of 15 minutes to allow for maximum absorption of contaminants, the magnetic mask will be ready to remove. 

Our Rosehip Pink Clay Mask remains soft and pliable on the skin and will dry to a similar texture like 'play-doh' however it will not harden, crack and change colour like various other clay masks. 

i bought all of the masked by models masks. What should i use when?

You go girl! We love including all of our products into our skin regime. A typical Masked by Models Skincare Routine can look as follows: 

Daily AM + PM Application of 24K Gold Flawless Glow Serum 

Once Weekly Application of Dead Sea Mud 'Black Lustre' Magnetic Mask Treatment

Once Weekly Application of Rosehip Pink Clay Mask (always follow will 24K Gold Flawless Glow Serum) 

Once Weekly Application of 24K Gold 'Golden Alchemy' Magnetic Face Mask

Monthly 24K Gold Facial Treatment

Total: 3 masks/week on a standard week. 

 4 masks on the week you are using the 24K Gold Facial treatment.

*This is just one of many possible Masked by Models skincare routines. Please contact us at hello@maskedbymodels.com with details of your skin type and skin concerns so we can create a customised skincare routine to suit your needs. 

is your gold real?

Yes! Our product contain real, pure, 100% 24K GOLD. 

what does gold do?

Gold has been used since ancient times by Queen Cleopatra, in Chinese Medicine and in India dating back to 2500 BC.

According to dermatologists, gold has a brightening effect and is the perfect ingredient to brighten those under eye circles and get an instant glow for an evening out.

Gold has antioxidant properties and the ability to protect skin from environmental pollutants that speed up the ageing process.

Gold helps to revitalise the appearance of skin, soothe the skin, improve skin texture and even out skin tone.

A study in 2010 showed gold particles maximise the contact of other active ingredients with the skin.

How do i apply the gold sheets to my face?

It is important to remember that you are working with real gold leaf.  These sheets are extremely delicate and require a little bit of skill and patience to apply. Apply a generous amount of serum to the entire face to create a base for the 24K Pure Gold Leaf Sheets to stick to. Ensure your hands are clean and dry then carefully remove a single sheet at a time from the protective plastic sleeve. Keep the backing paper on and do not touch the gold directly with your fingers. Once removed from the packet, gently peel back one side of the backing paper. Make sure you do this away from any wind eg. open windows or fans. Using the backing paper, apply the exposed side of 24K Leaf sheet to the skin and smooth across the face using the backing paper. Finally, peel back the backing paper and repeat for each piece. 

 Ensure that you Always store the 24K Pure Gold Sheets in their sealed plastic bag to prevent moisture damage and always keep them flat in their box so they do not crumple or break. 

how often should i use Masked by models 24k gold facial treatement?

Well that depends how often you want to treat yourself! Ideally, once a week but some of our customers keep this boujee mask as a once a fortnight or monthly luxury experience. If we could all afford to cover ourselves in real 24K Gold every day then I'm sure we would!

what do the magnets do?

We wrote a little article and made some fancy diagrams to help explain how our magnetic technology actually works. Head on over to this page for all the info. 

Do i need to rinse the magnetic masks off with water?

No, please don't do that! The magnetic masks are desinged to be rinse free. Remove them only with the magnet provided.

Post treatment it is also important not to rinse your face. The layer left on the skin contains all the active ingredients which will work wonders for your skin. It would be a waste to rinse them down the drain. Simply leave as is or massage into the face, neck and décolletage. 

how often should i use Masked by Models Magnetic Masks?

Due to their natural ingredients which are designed for sensitive skin, there is no limit on how often you use our magnetic mask. We suggest a minimum of twice a week for optimal results however if you have particularly dry skin 3 times a week would be perfect!  

Do the magnetic masks hurt to remove?

Not at all! Magnetic Mask removal is completely painfree in fact, our customers say the magnetic removal sensation is a calming and enjoyable process. 

What happens if I run out of plastic covers for my magnet?

Not to worry! If you run out of plastic, you can use tissue or glad wrap. You don't actually need to cover the magnet at all, however, for ease of clean up/disposal we recommend using a tissue or plastic cover. Without a layer of protection between the head of the magnetic wand and the magnet particles, it can be a challenge to clean the magnet. 

Is the dead sea mud magnetic mask like a charcoal mask?

No, our Dead Sea Mud Magnetic mask might be similar in colour to the charcoal masks you've seen out there but they are completely different. Charcoal masks dry on the skin and are required to be peeled off causing pain and unwanted damage to the skin. Our Magnet Masks does not dry out and is removed gently with our Powerful Magnetic wand- pain free and non-damaging to your delicate skin. 

how often should i use Masked By models Rosehip pink clay mask?

2-3 times a week followed by our 24K Gold Flawless Glow Serum. 

How often should i use 24k gold flawless glow serum?

Daily. Morning and night AFTER cleansing and BEFORE moisturising. This serum is also the perfect makeup primer. You can also mix a couple of drops into your foundation for added glow or use over the top of your foundation to create a dewy look. 

have another question?

Head over to our Contact Page and fill out the form or email hello@maskedbymodels.com.